The cPanel is a web-based hosting control panel offered by several hosting providers to website owners, which allows them to accomplish their websites from a web-based interface. This program also provides a graphical interface to the users from that they can control their part of a UNIX server. The tools offered are specially made to shorten the running and controlling of a website.

It also utilizes a tiered structure, which enables various phases of accesses. The administrators and end-users can limit the various features of a server and the website straightforwardly via their browser. Most commonly, cPanel is accessed by using https on port 2083 or just by including “/cpanel” to an end of the host name.

Based on the hosting provider, the cPanel will commonly have some kind of package or auto installer that is dedicated to the content management systems such as Word Press. With this WordPress installed, the user can use cPanel to manage the aspects provided by their hosting plan of wordpress. You can also buy cpanel webmail for email marketing purposes. Some of its famous features are including:

  • Domain names
  • Backups
  • Manage databases
  • Mail accounts

The software such as cPanel can build it ultimately simple for the users to cope their hosting with small or no technical skills of web hosting on their own without even breaking something.

How to use cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most famous Linux based control panels for web hosting account. It allows you manage the entire services more conveniently in a solitary place. At present, cPanel is an industry standard and also several web developers are well familiar with it. Actually, the different cPanel installations include different characteristics, but good news is that it is very much simple to browse and also get to know each of the various sections. Initially, when you log in, you will see some metrics normally that log your supply usage. These can also offer you with a supportive way of keeping an eye on the complete performance of your website. Once you have familiarized yourself with the performance of your website. Let’s take a look at the different modules and personalize the layout of your cPanel installation to make it great fit for your needs. 

How to access cPanel?

Here are the procedures to log in and log out of cPanel, so you can easily manage your hosting website.

Cpanel login

There are a couple of ways to log into cPanel account such as:

  • Access cPanel via A2 hosting customer portal
  • Access cPanel directly

To access cPanel via customer portal by following these steps:

  • First, log into a customer portal
  • On menu bar, click SERVICES and then click MY SERVICES
  • Beneath My Products and Services, place your hosting package and then click on Manage button
  • In Actions sidebar, click Login to cPanel
  • In Username text box, enter your A2 hosting account username
  • In Password text box, enter your A2 hosting account password
  • Click Log in and type the accurate username and password, then the cPanel home screen appear
  • To log out of cPanel, you just click LOGOUT on a top right corner.